Is a Condo or Townhome vs. a house right for you?

Too often an option that is not considered for those deciding upon home ownership is the consideration of purchasing a Townhome or Condominium vs. a Detached, Single Family Home. Purchasing a Detached, Single Family Home ownership is not ideal for everyone. It is with this realization that the popularity of Condominiums and Townhomes have been steadily on the rise in the North Atlanta area. Some of the most common reasons home ownership is embracing Condominiums and Townhomes as an alternative to detached, single family homes are:

  • People who are just starting out on their own.
  • People seeking a lifestyle change.
  • Empty nester’s who are ready to downsize from a detached, single family home and the responsibility of all of the interior / exterior maintenance work it involves.

What are the "life-style" differences between a Condo / Townhome and a House?

Privacy / Neighbors

Condos and Townhomes have neighbors closer in proximity. It can be aggravating living in a Condo / Townhome with noisy neighbors. Detached, single family homes generally enjoy a greater sense of privacy and freedom in that respect since detached, single family homes do not share common walls and thus have a greater distance of separation than Condos / Townhomes.


Frequently Condos and Townhomes include amenities such as swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness center and/or clubhouse. Note, several of these key amenities might be included in a detached, single family home that is part of a subdivision especially in many of the swim and tennis subdivisions that surround our North Atlanta area.

Monthly Fees

Homeowner Association fees for Condos / Townhomes are usually higher in contrast to what single family home owners must pay for Homeowner Association fees in the same general area.

Acquisition Cost

The cost to purchase a Condo / Townhome is “usually” less than the cost to purchase an equivalent detached, single family homes in that same area.

Maintenance / Convenience

Condos and Townhomes are very popular with busy professionals and retirees who would like the convenience of “general” maintenance items being taken care of. Condo owners don’t have to worry about yard work, exterior maintenance, etc. Townhome owners actually have a greater responsibility for some of these items than Condo owners. Click Here for the differences between ownership of a Townhome vs. Condominium. Detached, single family home owners are fully responsible for all of these items.

Type of Ownership

The owner of a Condominium has individual title to the “inside space” of the Condo unit (the airspace within the walls of their Condo) and an undivided interest in the physical components of the buildings and land. This includes outside hallways, driveways, elevators, recreation and landscape areas. Condominium owners are required to be members of a Homeowners Association and must pay a monthly fee to the Homeowners Association to cover the management of the association, routine maintenance, hazard insurance and a portion of this fee goes into an account for future maintenance and replacement of the improvements. Occasionally utilities such as water, garbage and sewer might be included in the monthly fee. Precisely what is covered by the Homeowner Association fees can vary from complex to complex. The Homeowners Association might regulate issues such as “approved” paint colors for doors, shutters, pet policies, whether units can be rented, hours of operation of the pool, etc. All Condominium complexes have a master deed that defines the percentage of ownership each owner’s unit in the complex has invested in the complex as a whole. The percentage of ownership is used to calculate each Condo unit’s monthly dues to the Homeowners Association.

Ownership of a detached, single family home (as well as Townhomes which have very distinct ownership differences vs. Condos) have a title ownership called “Fee Simple”. The law recognizes Fee Simple ownership as the highest form of ownership. It basically means the individual who owns the property has absolute power to make decisions on how that property is used or distributed.


Click Here to read more details about the differences in ownership between a Condominium and a Townhome.

Still not sure if a Condo or Townhome will work for your lifestyle?

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Time to get started!

At the end of the day and like everything else, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages for anything....including housing. One thing is certain, owning your own home whether it is a Condominium, Townhome or Detached, Single Family Home provides numerous benefits and a sense of security like nothing else.

The Diane E. Kelly and Keller Williams North Atlanta Real Estate Team is here and ready to help you find your perfect dream home whether you are searching for a Condominium, Townhome or a Detached, Single Family Home.

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